Jim Evans R.I.P.

Jim Evans

I am sorry to tell you that JIM ( James) EVANS  passed away on Monday 29th January after  a difficult  long illness bravely fought.

The family have asked us to pass this around members who may have known him.

The funeral will be on Monday March 5th at 11-30am at Lodge Hill Crematorium , Northfield.  All are welcome.

Flowers will be family only, but Donations may be made in  his  memory , and will be split between Heart Foundation and Wythall Community Association.

James Evans , known to us all at Redhill Archers, joined the club in 1986, and last picked up a bow last year (although he did not shoot it). He started as recurve and wife Pat shot alongside him.  Sometime in late 1990’s he changed to Compound and then even shot Longbow, as he thought it might be easier.  They  were enthusiastic shooting members, as well as willing workers, and enthusiastic social members. They both shot in the Jersey Triple three years in a row with various members each year,  Rode  on floats as various charactors  at Wythall Carnival  in different years  ,  and as many members  in the 90’s will remember,  we had many annual weekends away, at a time  that gave a great chance for us all to escape our children. Jim continued to support the club continuously over the years and was seen as recently as last  year at the Frog Racing.  Jim was a member of the skittles team for many years , and was  at the Opening of our Range which he was proud to be part of.

Both Jim and Pat were often saying that the Archery Club had given them so much more that the sport over the years,  adventure ,  friends  and loads of things that they  would never have done , if they had not joined the  Archery club .

Jim may you rest in Peace and from all your archery friends , ‘There is a Manns’ Brown on the Bar for you !

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