AGM 12th July 2020_ Records Officers support Data

Please find attached the statistic from Records officer  relating to year ending 31st March 2020

Redhill Archers    information   and statistics  2019 to March 2020
County Rankings-REDHILL OUTDOORS  2019 INDOORS  2018-2019
Gents Recurve Neill Garratt 2nd Neill Garratt 1st
Roger Smith 5th
Ladies Recurve Nicole Burdett 2nd Liz Whitworth 1st
Liz Whitworth 3rd Sharon Medhurst 4th
Gents Compound Ray Crich 5th Richard Harris 3rd
Neill Garratt 6th
Ladies Compound Sheila Harris 4th Sheila Harris 3rd
Samm Mansell 4th
Gents longbow Mike Keen 4th
Ladies Longbow Fran Hardisty 2nd
Gents Barebow Gordon Phillips 1st
Gents recurve Charlie Medhurst 1st Charlie Medhurst 1st
Jack Keen 2nd Jack Keen 2nd
Ladies recurve Heike Palmer 1st Katie Roadknight 1st
Freya Palmer 2nd Heike Palmer 2nd
Katie Roadknight 3rd Amy Roadknight
Amy Roadknight 5th
Grace Waterhouse 7th
Bars are awarded to those who were selected to shoot and made the team
 BARS Neill Garratt Charlie Medhurst
Fran Hardisty Amy Roadknight
Roger Smith Freya Palmer
Liz Whitworth Heike Palmer
Katie Roadknight
Brooches & BARS Abigail Hedges
Grace Waterhouse
Certificates for non bar winners Mike Keen
Nigel Woodhead
Sheila Harris
County Handicap Improvements
Trophies 2019 Winners Junior Boys Jayan Luharia
Junior Girls Grace Waterhouse
WORCESTER  2019   Summer Postal League winners            REDHILL ARCHERS
Stoke Mandeville Junior Ladies Trophy   Grace Waterhouse
Stoke Mandeville Junior Gents  Trophy   Jack Keen
Evesham Friendly Winners Redhill  Archers
shot 13th July 2020 Evesham  Total 10895
at Wythall Redhill Total 11537
AGB Rankings   31st December
Junior Girls Heike Palmer 5th Boys Charlie Medhurst 3rd
Freya Palmer 7th Jack Keen 33rd
Grace Waterhouse 51st Dillon  Keen 41st
Abigail Hedges 63rd
Paige Mansell 65th
out of +
AGB Rankings      Ladies  Rec Nicole Burdett 31st 281
Freya Palmer 95th
Liz Whitworth 130 th
Gents Recurve Neill Garratt 250th 656
Matt Vaughan 398th
Roger Smith 429th
Ladies Compound Sheila Harris 72nd 177
Gents Compound Ray Crich 167th 423
Neill Garratt 227th
Richard Harris 292
Bill Vincent 381
 BA  Postal     League 19/20 TROPHY WINNERS  in  Redhill Archers
PORTSMOUTH  Winner of Recurve  Junior  Girl   High  Score over season and every division Nicole Burdett
 FROSTBITE Winner of  Recurve Junior Girls High Score over season & all divisions Nicole Burdett
PORTSMOUTH  HIGHEST  TOTAL SCORE  Junior Team with hightest  TEAM  TOTAL Redhill Juniors A
FROSTBITE      HIGHEST  TOTAL   SCORE  for season JUNIOR TEAMS Redhill Juniors A
Season ending March 2019 FINAL PLACINGS SEASON ENDING  MARCH 2020
COMPOUND A Div 6 2nd Div 6 4th
COMPOUND B Div 16 WINNER Div 15 2nd
RECURVE  A Div 1 6th Div 2 4th
RECURVE B Div 16 2nd Div 14 3rd
RECURVE  C Div 34 3rd Div 28 2nd
RECURVE  D Div 43 5th Div 47 2nd
RECURVE E Div 52 6th No
JUNIOR   A Div 1 WINNER Div 1` 6th
JUNIOR   B Div 2 3rd Div 2 6th
Season ending MARCH 2019 FINAL PLACINGS
Compound   A Div 3 4th Div  4 WINNERS
Compound   B Div8 4th No
RECURVE  A Div7 2nd Div 3 3rd
RECURVE B Div 22 2nd Div15 4th
RECURVE  C Div 29 3rd Div 30 4th
JUNIOR   A Div 1 WINNER Div 1 2nd
Results available on web
Personal Performance  for club Members S/J          2019 S/J                  2018 2017 2016
2019 classes achieved for 2020
Master Bowman / Junior Master Bowman 0/6                      6 0/5                         5 0/3 0/1
Bowman/Junior Bowman 8/2                10 8/4                       12 12/2 13/2
1st  Class 13 16 15 11
2nd Class 15 16 15 12
3rd  Class 7 13 6 12
A  Class 6 9 6 7
TOTAL Members  by class  for 2019 57 71 59 58
No of members    TOTAL 121 100 96 97
No of Rounds shot 974 1058 1120 1137
Club records   April 2019- March 2020
28  Records Broken
Lower numbers than usual, but did not have claims for some records broken