CLUB SHOOT Next event Summer metrics 1st and 2nd August

This shoot has two  purposes  firstly    to get as many members to take part in AGB – Summer Metrics

which are Short Metric scores to be submitted to Archery GB by the end of August

and secondly to have another club shoot, which will be a   VICTOR LUDORUM  event , similar in style to the Jubilee shoot.

So we hope as many as possible will come along.  the club event will be Handicap adjusted scores .So please enter by putting your name on the calendar for either 1st August or the 2nd August. Get your friends to Join You.

The rounds will be

Short Metric  -for Seniors/ Junior Boys Under 18     50m 3 doz and 30 m 3 doz on 80cm face

Short  Metric 2   Boys Under 16 and Girls U 18                             40m &      30m                     on 80cm

Short Metric 3   Boys Under 14 and Girls Under 16 & Novices    30m &     20m                    on 80cm

Short Metric 4    Boys Under 12   & girls U 14              20m  &    10m                0n 80 cm

Short metric 5    Girls Under 12                                      15m & 10m

Anyone can shoot an age group above their age but not below.

You may submit  and Short Metric score shot in  July or August – Further details later