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Club records update 19th March 2018

My regular up date does not seem that regular, so sorry for those waiting to see their names in lights.

If you find mistakes please bring them to my notice and will investigate asap.

Claims verified and records amended as at 19th March

Elizabeth Whitworth   Ladies recurve     1 claim

Neill Garratt                 Gents Recurve     2 claim

Fran Hardisty               Ladies Longbow   4 Claims

Charlie Medhurst    Junior Boys Longbow  1 Claims

Gordon Phillips             Gent Barebow         3 Claims

Mike Podmore               Gents Compound   1 Claim

Samm Mansell              Ladies Compound   1  Claim

Congratulations to all RECORD BREAKERS

Please  try to claim regularly and certainly within 1 month.






The club records are now up to date and available thanks to a magnificent effort by Sheila and the Website team.

With over a thousand records divided into many categories, bow types and rounds this was a big ask.

If you have any comments on the content contact Sheila. If you wish to claim a record download one of the forms below