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Vegas Shoot

On Sunday 25th February,  we held our second Open Vegas shoot, in our Range

We had a great turnout and hope every one enjoyed the day

Congratulations to all the winners

Results are in Tournaments -Vegas


Jim Evans R.I.P.

I am sorry to tell you that JIM ( James) EVANS  passed away on Monday 29th January after  a difficult  long illness bravely fought.

The family have asked us to pass this around members who may have known him.

The funeral will be on Monday March 5th at 11-30am at Lodge Hill Crematorium , Northfield.  All are welcome.

Flowers will be family only, but Donations may be made in  his  memory , and will be split between Heart Foundation and Wythall Community Association.

James Evans , known to us all at Redhill Archers, joined the club in 1986, and last picked up a bow last year (although he did not shoot it). He started as recurve and wife Pat shot alongside him.  Sometime in late 1990’s he changed to Compound and then even shot Longbow, as he thought it might be easier.  They  were enthusiastic shooting members, as well as willing workers, and enthusiastic social members. They both shot in the Jersey Triple three years in a row with various members each year,  Rode  on floats as various charactors  at Wythall Carnival  in different years  ,  and as many members  in the 90’s will remember,  we had many annual weekends away, at a time  that gave a great chance for us all to escape our children. Jim continued to support the club continuously over the years and was seen as recently as last  year at the Frog Racing.  Jim was a member of the skittles team for many years , and was  at the Opening of our Range which he was proud to be part of.

Both Jim and Pat were often saying that the Archery Club had given them so much more that the sport over the years,  adventure ,  friends  and loads of things that they  would never have done , if they had not joined the  Archery club .

Jim may you rest in Peace and from all your archery friends , ‘There is a Manns’ Brown on the Bar for you !

County Champions – Redhill Winners


Redhill Archers turn out in force and  attempted to win everything there was to be won .

We did not get it all our way but with impressive performance from Liz Whitworth , with a Personal Best of 1171 which was her first Master Bowman

score won a very closely contested battle against the very experienced Linda Haines of Evesham. She won The Ladies Recurve Trophy .

Likewise Neill Garratt won the Gent Recurve Trophy, against Henry Evans, who had opted to shoot recurve instead of his favoured bow, longbow.

John Bond won 2nd Place in the longbow section while Gordon Phillips won Barebow

Katie Roadknight  won her age group as well.   Neill and Liz also won the recurve  Pairs trophy.

Mike Podmore managed to win a classification medal in a tough compound section .

We fought hard and narrowly missed out on the Recurve Team Trophy.

Everyone of Redhill members shot nearly to their own standard or better , and we look forward to even more trophies and medals next year

redhill team at county champs

Redhill successful at Last

Redhill Archers hosted the Annual Friendly match against Evesham Archers on Saturday 29th July.

This continues to be a hard fought battle wherever it takes place and despite of  changing teams over the years.

Evesham have been  successful for the last  four years.

This year REDHILL were the Winners   in a very close  competition ,with a good turnout from both teams, and 37 archers competing.

Compound, Recurve, and Longbow were represented.

Well done to everyone, however you shot. The numbers breaking or equalling handicap was impressive and the straight scores were greatlong photo small

Attached are results for those who missed them Evesham Friendly 2017 at Redhill


Congratulations to Redhill’s On Target Team

IMG_2105IMG_2089WE would like to thank Cleobury Country Archers , who hosted their first Match last week, particularly  for the hospitality,  camaraderie, enthusiasm and  patience. They are a young club , with little competiton experience , but were very willing to learn.

We tried hard not to be know it alls and they welcomed our help on how to run the event, how the scoring worked, and sometimes help with  their  equipment and shooting. They put on a good performance.

We are sure they have learned so much that any team  they play next year needs to watch out ,

Thanks for a good time,

Redhill Archers

Our next match Round 3 is against Six Towns in June

On Target – Young People

Redhill Archers have achieved an award for the ‘Young People’ specialism by Archery GB.

The award available to ‘On Target’ clubs was presented to Sharon Medhurst who does so much valuable work with our juniors.

A small team from the club including Sharon, Fran Hardisty and Sheila Harris put together our submission, and they together with the coaches, helpers and of course parents have done a great job. Well done to all of you.

ONTARGET Young People logo

On Target spec 2