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Congratulations to Redhill’s On Target Team

IMG_2105IMG_2089WE would like to thank Cleobury Country Archers , who hosted their first Match last week, particularly  for the hospitality,  camaraderie, enthusiasm and  patience. They are a young club , with little competiton experience , but were very willing to learn.

We tried hard not to be know it alls and they welcomed our help on how to run the event, how the scoring worked, and sometimes help with  their  equipment and shooting. They put on a good performance.

We are sure they have learned so much that any team  they play next year needs to watch out ,

Thanks for a good time,

Redhill Archers

Our next match Round 3 is against Six Towns in June

Shooting Update – 12 February 2017

I recorded 51 indoor scores this week !

Improvements are still possible and there were nine this week.

Five  Juniors improved handicap or Classification. Charlie, Jack K, Matt, Katie and Afsha.

Oran, Steve, and Dave M were the adult improvers.

Entries are flooding in for the Club Handicap Championship – Last date to enter a score is 16 March.

Portsmouth Longbow League this Thursday



Shooting Report 27/11/16

Some good scores this week…

John and Nigel both broke their Longbow Handicaps in the same session with John claiming a club record.

Liz W had a fantastic shoot.

Keeping it in the family Matt and Steve broke their handicaps.

Two members were awarded handicaps this week Afsha and Dave Moore.

The Portsmouth shoot was a little less positive. We got enough Compounds to complete the team however despite an email asking for support, a Facebook post and some personal canvassing we only got 2 more more archers and scores were in general lower than the last shoot.


, ,

Indoor Shooting – Latest

I’ve recorded 43 scores for the week.

Can I ask that we continue to check our scores before submitting them, and that those who share Christian names with other members add their initial or surname to their score sheets (Chris; Keith ; Jack; Liz; Nigel; Neil; Roger; Steven)

Since I last reported some more people have improved their handicaps.

Well done to:

Liz Whitworth
Vic Scandrett
Keith Chandler
John Bond

Some people have achieved a handicap for the first time.

Chris Clarke

We need all new members to gain and indoor handicap so they can contribute to our handicap adjusted team scores.

Thanks for your cooperation


Droitwich v Redhill Match

Home Team Droitwich hosted the match against Redhill Archers yesterday 23rd April,

It was a cool but beautiful morning, and Droitwich archers, struggled to find team but having no Compounds choses to carry on anyway with recurves.

It was a fun mornngs shooting, supported by  Redhill family members who helped us go ahead and win.

Thank you Droitwich for your  hospitality  and our opportunity to win a match. Last year we went out in the first round being beaten by Oxford Archers, the eventual winners.

Our Recurve team was chosen for the results of the county trial,   Liz Whitworth and Neill Garratt going through.

Our Compound team was selected from a shoot off event at the club resulting in Sheila and Ian Middleton taking the other two places.

All did really well and we won the match 14-7 and you can see results sheet attached.IMG_0327 (3)Droitwich